Ophthalmic lens

There are many options for your prescription eyeglass lenses that decrease computer glare, increase night vision and treatments to block out harmful UV and UVB rays. In addition, there are prescription sunglasses for indoor/outdoor use and so on. It is important for the health and comfort of your eyes to have the most appropriate prescription lenses for your lifestyle and vision requirements (and because your prescription may be a factor in which lens choices are available to you) consulting with a INSIGHT OPTICALS professional is the best way to ensure making the right decision about your eyeglass lenses..

Lens type
Single vision: Single Vision lenses are prescribed for reading or distance correction.

Bifocal: Bifocal combines reading and distance correction, but with a visible line, available in a variety of styles. Thus there is no need to alternate between two spectacles.

Multifocal(progressive):Combines reading, intermediate and distance correction, blended together without a visible line, giving improved cosmetic appearance. Available in wide range of designs and materials, indicated for different nature of work.
Brands Available: